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Find Your Way

15th Feb,2020

NM Foyer

1:30pm - 5pm

Having trouble finding your way through life? Not to worry! Try your luck here at Paper Planes 2020 with ‘Find Your Way!’A destined path lies for you to reach the end of your journey. But there’s a catch, you don’t know the path!

Each round will have 2 teams on either side of a 100 squares grid. Each team will have a designated path through the squares, to ultimately find your way out of the maze. Only the referee will be aware of the way out and will inform you when you are going right or wrong. Only one individual per team can go in one turn. If he/she steps on the wrong square then the next team member comes in. This does not mean disqualification, every member who has to step back will get their chance in rotation. The participants need to remember the path his/her team members who went before him/her took. The team which finds their way out in the least amount of time, wins!Put your team-work, memory and patience to test, in this nail-biting game, not worrying about the road not taken.


13th Feb,2020

 JRM Grounds

9am - 11am

Ever built something that someone else tries to break down? Take up the challenge to break and rebuild your 7 storeyed (stone) building while your opponent tries to eliminate your players, in ‘Lingorcha’.In Paper Planes 2020 we want to bring back games which are unique to our country, aiming to bring them back into the world with the same enthusiasm that we played them with when we were kids. So come be a part of this initiative which is more than just an event in

Wobble Ball

14th Feb,2020


12pm - 2pm

Bring out the Beckham and Bryant in you in this fun game of ‘Wobble Ball’! The participant will be spun a few times before they take a shot at the goal or basket. Each player gets 5 chances in round one. The individuals who meet the criteria for the minimum number of goals or baskets needed, qualified for the next round

Dare to Drink

15th Feb,2020

Mithibai Foyer

12pm - 1:30pm

Beer Pong, but without alcohol. Sorry guys, University rules!In this enthralling game of ‘Dare to Drink’, you will have the power to force a few mysterious drinks down your opponent.The first round will consist of a Minute to Win It game. The winner of this round moves on to the second round where he/she will get 5 chances to get the ping pong ball to land in one of the cups. The cups will contain different kinds of liquids that the opponent will have to drink. The player who drinks the least amount of liquids by the end of 3 rounds, wins! We’ll drink to that. Goes without saying, puking results in rebuking.

3-Aside Football

14th Feb,2020


8am - not decided

Bring out your inner Maradona in this event. Standard football rules apply.


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