1.Melody on My Mind Battle Ground

15th Feb,2020

Santoka Hall

1pm - 5pm

Remember the times when you had a beautiful melody stuck in your head and you just couldn’t focus on anything else? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the melodies that you could not discover before. This event invites you to connect with the audience through the music of your favourite genre. Hit the right note and pitch and show us what you’ve truly got!

Battle Ground


Where team red clashes with team blue, where Pandavas clash with kauravas, where the Trojans battle Greeks, where the real legends are formed. Competitors, this is your cave. This is your cage. This is your zone. This is the stage to show the people who you are. This is the Battleground.

                                           CONSISTS OF 2 EVENTS: 

                                             1. SEE YOU IN A BEAT

                                             2.STRIKE A CHORD

See You in a Beat

14th Feb,2020

Juhu Jagruti Hall

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Rhythm and Poetry is the true essence of rap music. A perfect combination of a beat/flow and lyrics can connect to an audience and send them into a frenzy. Take your verses and put them to the test against other rappers in an ultimate battle to prove that you have a major in

Strike a Chord

14th Feb,2020

Juhu Jagruti Hall

3:30pm - 6:30pm

Being at the top is a game everyone wants to play. If you’re looking for a place to show off your finger cramping shredding skills or your mega impressive drum fills, this is the stage for you. Compete with other musicians looking to show off their talents in a knockoutstyle battle to prove your mastery of your instrument.

Step Up

13th Feb,2020

Santokba Hall

9am - 1pm

Dance is an art performed as a way of expressing one’s emotions and socially communicating with one another. Here is your chance to show off your dance moves and use your body as an instrument of expression. It’s time to let loose, tighten your laces and start rolling on the beats of various styles.

Prop me Up

15th Feb,2020

Santokba Hall

9am - 12pm

Like challenges? Our event is full of them! Show off your best dance moves but with a slight twist. This is an open category dance competition which breaks down the barriers of any specific dance form, where the only restriction is time and a prop. Come challenge and discover your own rhythm with our freestyle roulette event. So ‘prop’ yourself for this fun filled and challenging event!

Express to Impress

14th Feb,2020

Seminar Hall

1pm - 4:15pm

As an artist, putting your skill set to test in unfamiliar circumstances is the most thrilling part. Express to impress provides a platform for the performance of rehearsed monologues as well as extempore. Perform to impress the audience, but most importantly, yourself! Fly with us and be a part of this enriching experience.


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