Paper Planes Fest is a three-day cultural event that aims to celebrate, commemorate and express the diverse and holistic ideologies of Liberal Arts. This year, as we commence the second edition of the fest, our aim is to deal with problems that our society is currently facing; highlighting the need for inclusivity and diversity in everyday life. The need for tolerance and accepting difference; through our fest we aim to highlight the gap in our education system that prevents us from liberating the barriers in our minds today. Let's liberate ourselves from the boxes we've been placed in.

Our events mirror these ideologies that we hold so close to our hearts. With diverse events revolving around fiction, games and performances to imagination and artistry, Paper Planes truly signifies liberation and euphoria. Who says academia can't be combined with performing arts? Who says social issues are unfixable, who says learning can't be fun?

An amalgamation of ideas, we promise to be a fest like never before. This effort of the students of Liberal Arts will bring in a hint of acceptance, add a touch of understanding to create a larger change in how we have so far progressed as students and as a society. Let's liberate our minds, let's create the revolution, let's educate ourselves to be the change we want to see in the world today.

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